Lighter skin after 3 months: I would NEVER have thought that!

The lightest skin skin tones are usually referred to as light-medium. A light skin tone is light enough to have medium to full skin. For example, if a person is a medium to dark skin tone, then they may have a tan, but not a very tan. Some people have very pale skins, and they would be considered dark-medium. People with lighter skin tones are generally not considered light-medium because of the combination of pigmentation, light pigmentation, and the high level of melanin in skin. Most people who have lighter skin tones don't have any visible difference in the pigmentation of their skin. However, some light skin tones are more easily seen when they are light, like light-medium. It is easy to see how these categories can be confusing and hard to distinguish between. The problem is that people are so afraid of these differences in skin tones that they don't even know what to buy. Many people are buying products for themselves and don't know which ones work. You can't tell if a product works on a particular person until you try it on. The goal of this article is to point out how to identify the products that really do work.

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